How to decrypt .zzzzz files virus: Locky/zzzzz ransomware

Files with .zzzzz extension are inaccessible because they are encrypted by the latest version of the Locky ransomware, which requests Bitcoins for decryption. What is .zzzzz file ransomware? It’s difficult to question the usefulness of cryptography. It has numerous benign applications in the realm of safeguarding sensitive data. The evolution of malicious software, however, caused … Read more

.THOR file virus ransomware decryptor and removal

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Readme.hta virus: decrypt Cerber 4.1.1. ransomware

The fourth generation of the Cerber ransomware is underway, dropping the Readme.hta ransom note and appending random extensions to one’s encrypted files. The lineage of the highly dangerous Cerber ransom Trojan has been recently replenished with a new sample. The fresh spinoff has much in common with the other baddies that used to represent this … Read more

.crypted file virus decryption and removal tool

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Fantom ransomware removal: how to decrypt .fantom files virus

Get viable methods to recover files encrypted by Fantom, a ransomware sample that displays a fake Windows update screen to conceal the data encryption process. Operating system updates are occurrences that users take for granted as they are tasked with enhancing Windows stability and security. Cyber-threat actors, in their turn, have devised a way to … Read more

Cerber3 ransomware removal: how to decrypt .cerber3 virus files

Cerber3, the latest variant of a widespread defiant ransomware that plays an audio warning message to its victims, has started using the .cerber3 extension. The file-encrypting threat generically dubbed Cerber has been invariably offbeat since it emerged. Its makers pioneered in utilizing .vbs files to literally pronounce their ransom demands via the infested PC’s speakers. … Read more

Cerber2 ransomware virus: decrypt .cerber2 extension files

The cybercrooks behind the Cerber ransomware have taken efforts to bolster their business, crafting an updated edition that appends the .cerber2 extension. The newcomer to one of the most powerful ransomware campaigns inherits a lot of the same characteristics but also boasts quite a bit of uniqueness. The first striking difference is the “.cerber2” extension … Read more

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