How to remove Critical Virus Alert pop-up on Mac

How to remove Critical Virus Alert pop-up on Mac

This article delves deep into the anatomy of Critical Virus Alert pop-up scam, its modus operandi, and how users can protect themselves. What is the Critical Virus Alert pop-up scam? The Critical Virus Alert scam is a classic example of this new wave of threats. It starts with a browser redirect, often coupled with social … Read more

Remove redirect virus from Mac

Amidst the security threats Mac users should be worried about, browser hijackers like really stand out due to their aggressive essence. August 2023 update What is the Search Marquis Mac virus? Browser hijacker that has been making big waves in the macOS community is the Search Marquis virus. Originating from a lineage of notorious … Read more

7 of the most popular and annoying malware for Mac

Macs can get viruses and malware. As Macs become more popular, hackers and rogue programmers see them as a more lucrative target now. Here are seven of the most popular viruses, malware and scams for Mac. 1. Browser hijackers While browser hijackers are not viruses in the traditional sense where they copy and spread across … Read more

Remove “Your computer is low on memory” Mac virus pop up

Whereas a pop p error on Mac saying “Your computer is low on memory” seems to be a self-explanatory occurrence, it could as well indicate malware activity. What is “Your computer is low on memory” Mac virus? RAM, generally referred to as memory, is a flexible entity that adjusts itself to the user’s computing and … Read more

Remove Akamaihd Mac virus in Safari, Chrome, Firefox

With a large-scale outbreak of Akamaihd Mac virus being underway, there are methods to tackle the infection every victim should know about. What is Akamaihd Mac virus? Whereas browser takeover has always been a serious and annoying security issue, a recent boom in the Akamaihd Mac malware distribution has taken this phenomenon to the next … Read more

Delete Mac Cleanup Pro scam from MacBook Air/Pro/iMac

This article provides comprehensive analysis of the Mac Cleanup Pro malware issue, including the infection’s behavioral quirks and ways to remove it from Mac. What is the Mac Cleanup Pro virus? One of the things the cyber world has in common with the world around us is that there are genuine entities and copycats that … Read more

.Masok file extension virus decryptor and ransomware removal

The makers of the Djvu ransomware family continue to release new spinoffs of their harmful code, with the .masok file variant being the latest one on the list. What is Masok ransomware? Amidst the long-lasting hiatus in ransomware activity overall, some lineages continue to be active and still pose a serious risk to home users … Read more

Remove redirect virus from Mac

macOS is an expanding cyber battlefield, with browser redirect viruses like SearchBaron infiltrating Mac computers to wreak havoc with the victims’ web surfing. July 2020 update What is the SearchBaron Mac redirect virus? There is no such thing as a Mac immune to malware these days. As a matter of fact, this myth was debunked … Read more

Get rid of Bing redirect virus from Safari on Mac (MacBook Air/Pro, iMac)

What’s particularly irritating about the Bing redirect virus is that it keeps the affected Mac users from searching the web with any other provider. What is the Bing redirect Mac virus? In today’s world of ubiquitous digitalization and high-end technologies, Internet traffic is a valuable product that costs money to obtain. Ideally, the end users … Read more