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Cerber3 ransomware removal: how to decrypt .cerber3 virus files

Cerber3, the latest variant of a widespread defiant ransomware that plays an audio warning message to its victims, has started using the .cerber3 extension. The file-encrypting threat generically dubbed Cerber has been invariably offbeat since it emerged. Its

RSA-4096 virus: decrypt files and remove ransomware

Being hit by the RSA-4096 ransom Trojan isn’t that much of a jeopardy if the user efficiently gets rid of the infection and follows several recovery steps. “Attention! Your files are encrypted.” When confronted with a file encrypting

Zepto virus ransomware: how to decrypt .zepto extension files

Learn a viable workaround to recover .zepto files ransomed by a new variant of the Locky crypto virus, which is currently on the rise after a lengthy halt. Discovering that most files on a computer suddenly got a

# Decrypt My Files # virus – Cerber ransomware removal

Even with significant resources on their hands, antimalware labs and law enforcement are still unable to efficiently tackle ransomware threats like Cerber. It has been about a month since the first incidents of contamination by the Cerber file-encrypting

Locky virus removal: how to recover .locky extension files

As ransom viruses are continually evolving, threats like the Locky virus end up in the spotlight because they feature enhanced extortion mechanisms. When the .locky file extension virus emerged it instantly got a ‘special’ treatment on researcher’s end